Solar Panels

Welcome to We aim to bring you the latest information, from the global issues to the changes that are happening in your area. We bring you impartial knowledge and information on solar power, panels and lighting that is presented to you with explanation that is easy to understand. We want the world of solar to appeal to you, and overly complex analysis can often make solar energy seem unobtainable, it is not. Solar is simple in its essence and extremely user-friendly.

The basic process of solar power is as follows. Energy is collected in photovoltaic (PV) panels and when sunlight hits these panels, electrons are agitated and produce Direct Current. Direct Current is then taken to an inverter and the inverter transforms the power to Alternating Current, which is the same as the electricity provided by your utilities.

What happens after this process is where solar shows its adaptability. Water heating, commercial and residential lighting, portable solar for Recreational Vehicles, ovens, irrigation, making water accessible to people without power in hostile environments, the list goes on and on.

Solar offers a solution to homes that are “off grid” meaning they are not connected to a utility supplier. When this is the case the electricity is stored in batteries and a charge controller is necessary. A charge controller will regulate the voltage and prevent the batteries from overcharging.

When a new property is constructed in an area without an existing utility supply, installing solar power could be the best financial choice rather than having utilities connected. And finance weighs heavy on the decision to go solar. Installing solar power is not cheap, but rebates and tax incentives are trying to ease that initial financial burden.

These rebates vary from state to state and some areas offer fantastic incentives where as other states are not as supportive. To find out the latest information about what is available to your area, consult your state government website.
But all states can claim a Federal Tax Credit for up to 30% of the cost of installing and purchasing solar panels; this includes solar water heaters and other solar products.

We hope we can help guide you on your journey with solar, from starting with just one outdoor solar security light to installing a complete PV system that powers a whole property, we have the information you need.

You can do other things to help the environment as well. "being green" is not just a trend, it is a necessity. You can help by buying environmentally friendly products, like installing solar lighting, conserving water and recycling.